Panel Changes

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Ocean and Monmouth Counties

Your high-quality devices will only work properly with a stable electrical panel. That new flat-screen TV? Your beautiful microwave or powerful computer? They’re all products that need to be powered with a solid panel. As technology advances, there’s an even greater need for a home electrical panel upgrade for many residents in Central Jersey. Fortunately, the services of DeSanto Electric LLC are here to help!

If you want access to all the electricity you need, get an electrical panel upgrade from Ocean and Monmouth Counties’ best electrical company. We can provide you with a new electrical panel, repair one with extensive damage, and ensure your electrical panel wiring is up to par. Additionally, we provide fuse box replacement and other services to help tie in the various electrical systems traveling through your home.

From Brick Township, Toms River, and Little Egg Harbor Township, to Freehold, Belmar, Asbury Park, and Long Branch, NJ, our team can provide you with the electric service panel you need! Contact us today and schedule your appointment and begin the process of properly powering your home, or explore other offerings like our emergency electrical services or get a quality generator electrician.


Do You Need Electrical Panel Repair?

Every repair you get from DeSanto Electric LLC starts with a thorough inspection of the capabilities or damage present on the existing panel. From there, we will determine whether or not an electrical panel repair is necessary or if your system needs a full replacement. Repairs are great options for individuals who need more strength to power their homes or need to relocate their panels due to moisture concerns. You can also have your bus bar switched out for added safety. No matter what changes your panel needs, our electrical panel upgrade service in Ocean and Monmouth Counties has got you covered.

Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

If you need an electrical panel installation or replacement, there’s no other company you need to call. DeSanto Electric LLC can install new panels for residents looking to upgrade their electric capabilities or replace aged panels that can’t withstand the modern demands of electrical equipment.

Most homeowners’ electrical panels are out of sight and out of mind, and we understand why. But when panels start to show their wear or show that they cannot handle the demands of your electrical equipment, the last thing you want to do is be behind the 8-ball. A new electrical panel installation can provide you with the following:

  • More outlets and circuits
  • Prevent tripping or future breaker box replacement
  • Spread out the usage of outlets
  • Provide power for additional upgrades like dryers, microwaves, washing machines, and home remodeling jobs


An electrical panel upgrade in Ocean and Monmouth Counties also helps to address older and aging panels. They typically will last anywhere from 25 to 40 years, and you can expect electrical demands to increase over that time. Getting an electrical panel replacement is more than just replacing one unit for another. We take into account your present and future needs and evaluate the entire electrical system before proceeding with the service.

Electrical Panel Wiring

Sometimes, you simply need to replace a few circuits and wiring and have your panel back up and running. Our electrical panel upgrade service in Ocean and Monmouth Counties gives homeowners restored capabilities to their electrical systems through new panel wiring. Copper wires can last up to 100 years, but the wiring insulation itself may not make it that far. Insulation will last around 25 years, so be sure to contact our electricians if you believe the insulation may be going bad or aren’t sure how old your electrical panel wiring is.

Get a New Electrical Panel That Provides All the Power Your Home Needs

If it’s time for a new electrical panel, DeSanto Electric LLC is the only electrical company you need to call. The importance of electrical panels shouldn’t go unnoticed, and our expert contractors can provide you with the panel that handles anything you throw its way. With quality service and technicians that respect you and your home, there’s no one else you should turn to for an electrical panel upgrade in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Our Central Jersey service locations include Brick Township, Toms River, Little Egg Harbor Township, Freehold, Belmar, Asbury Park, and Long Branch, NJ. If you’re a resident of these cities, give us a call and enjoy your home electrical panel upgrade!

Many electrical problems stem from a faulty electric service panel. With DeSanto Electric LLC, any issues are remedied quickly, easily, and with care. If you need a breaker box replacement, fuse box replacement, or any other panel services, contact us today and schedule your appointment!