Cooling Tower Cleaning La Porte, IN

Cooling Tower Cleaning

A clean cooling tower is essential for maintaining energy-efficient HVAC systems and improving indoor air quality. Unfortunately, many property owners and managers do not have the time or knowledge to properly clean their cooling towers. Fortunately, with the pros at Duct Crew just a phone call away, you don’t have to stress over this tedious task. After your first service, we’ll help you establish a cooling tower cleaning and maintenance plan, so you can easily avoid the detrimental effects of a dirty cooling tower.

For a superior clean, speak to our cooling tower cleaning specialists in La Porte, IN, today. We’ll keep everything from the cooling tower fill to the hot water basin spick and span. You can find our cooling tower cleaning services in the following counties:


  • La Porte County, IN
  • Joseph County, IN
  • Elkhart County, IN
  • Marshall County, IN
  • Starke County, IN

Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance

While cooling towers are highly efficient systems, they do require maintenance from the best cooling tower cleaning companies from time to time. Dirt, debris, and other airborne contaminants will collect within the system’s internal components over time and, if not properly serviced, will experience blockages that impair system performance. Our cooling tower cleaners can help you stay on top of these contaminants to protect the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. With routine cooling tower cleaning services, you can see significant savings over time.

The professionals at Duct Crew have been servicing cooling towers for several years and are fully trained and experienced in OSHA guidelines. Safety is a top priority, and our cooling tower cleaners will take proper care of your system. We will use a variety of techniques, including brushing, scraping, vacuuming, and pressure washing, to target the different components of your system, ensuring all harmful contaminants are removed. With our cooling tower cleaning services in La Porte, IN, you can trust that not a single detail will be missed. We’ll have your entire cooling tower in tip-top shape in no time!

What to Expect From Our Cooling Tower Cleaning Process

When you schedule a cooling tower cleaning with our La Porte, IN, experts, you can trust that every aspect of your system will be thoroughly cleaned for optimal performance. We offer everything from cooling tower basin cleaning to cooling tower fill and fan cleaning. Before starting, our pros will thoroughly inspect your system to pinpoint the areas that need the greatest attention and formulate a proper cleaning schedule.

While the cooling tower cleaning process may vary slightly from client to client, our experts follow the same basic steps. After inspecting the system, we will disinfect every component to treat for bacteria. Then, we’ll remove sludge from the hot water basin using specialized vacuums and clean the fill to prevent fouling and clogs. From here, we’ll use pressure washers to clean the system’s other parts, such as the cooling tower fans. Finally, we’ll finish your La Porte, IN, cooling tower cleaning by performing a post-cleaning disinfection to control for the possibility of Legionella.

How Often Should You Clean Cooling Towers?

Dirty cooling towers not only increase your building’s energy consumption but also expose your occupants to harmful contaminants and bacteria. For this reason, it’s vital you prioritize such tasks as cooling tower basin cleaning. But how often should you do this?


OSHA recommends cleaning and disinfecting your cooling tower at least twice a year — at the start of the cooling season and the end of fall. Your system may require more frequent maintenance depending on how often it operates throughout the year and if it has high levels of Legionella. Our cooling tower experts can help you determine how frequently you should have your system cleaned to guarantee optimal performance.

Partner With the Best Cooling Tower Cleaning Company in La Porte, IN

Keeping your cooling tower clean will not only prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms but also keep your equipment free of fouling, scaling, and corrosion. Instead of working this tedious task into your already busy schedule, leave the cleaning to our pros! We have the specialized skills and equipment necessary to provide an unbeatable clean. You will quickly learn why businesses prefer Duct Crew over other cooling tower cleaning companies in La Porte County, St. Joseph County, Elkhart County, Marshall County, and Starke County, IN.

For more information about our cooling tower cleaning services, reach out to our team today! And don’t forget to check out how our commercial duct cleaning services can benefit your facility, as well.